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LED Lash Extensions

What is LED lash extensions?

A new patented technology, LED lash extensions is a gel curing technique that bonds and cures false lashes to the natural ones using a safe, low-level LED light (much like the light delivered during professional facials or from at-home LED face masks). Similar to the way LED light is used to cure gel nail polish.The light used is visible light, so there is almost no effect on the human body.




The flexible bond of the LED GEL Lash System endures a stronger & longer bond than conventional eyelash adhesive. Due to its ‘instant cure’ technology the superior attachment can tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams - however we must stress that optimal aftercare should be followed.


Safety and Comfort


The instant cure of the LED GEL Lash System drastically reduces the fumes emitted by eyelash adhesive. With virtually no fumes, the client and lash artist experience less respiratory irritation and fewer headaches. The adhesive no longer needs to rely on balancing humidity levels as the curing element is reliant on LED. Clients can leave their lash appointments with less red eyes and fewer tears. This also helps with clients who have developed an allergy overtime with the traditional cyanoacrylate adhesives. The LED GEL cures instantly with no vapours or fumes present to cause redness or irritation. 

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Q & A

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